“Improving Lives Around The World, One Person At A Time”

“Changing lives, one person – one day at a time.”

Ray & Lisa Jernukian of The Home Business Family started out like
most entrepreneurs…or did they?

Ray and Lisa Jernukian were both born in Detroit, Michigan, and grew up in the suburbs of southeast Michigan.

Lisa was a college graduate in a professional, good-paying career, as a Dental Hygienist. She had no business or sales experience at all. In fact, she did not want anything to do with selling, but had a strong desire to stay home with her and Ray’s children.

Ray worked as a machinist in the skilled trades, making prototypes for top-tier auto suppliers.  He did acquire some sales experience, through his many attempts to leave the auto industry.  He made good money, but like many people, detested his job…and it was making him miserable. He wanted more security for his family.

The purpose of the interview below is for you to get to know Ray and Lisa on a more personal note: where The Home Business Family Inc. came from, and their vision for the company:

Interviewer: I see that the slogan for The Home Business Family Inc. is “Changing Lives, one person – one day at a time.” Where did that come from?

Lisa: It happened after we had become successful in Network Marketing, and as entrepreneurs. It happened when we decided to go from Ray & Lisa Jernukian to The Home Business Family. We were living our dream, and wanted to share it. That’s what this industry was supposed to be about: obtaining your goals; reaching your dreams; and helping others do the same. Since becoming successful ourselves, Ray and I feel it is our obligation to help as many people as we can, realize their dreams as well.

Interviewer: What were the goals with your business?

Ray: There were originally two – and then we added two more:

Goal #1: Get Lisa home from work permanently, to be with our kids. That happened in just under two years.

Goal #2: Get me out of my job, and home full time, also. That took about four years.

Goal #3: Be in a situation where, when anyone is partnered up with us in business, we have put them in a position that can truly change their life.

This goal was actually reached fourth, and took a few months longer than Goal #4.

Goal #4: Get our family out of the Detroit area, and somewhere warm!That goal took about six years. Now we are living on an Island in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and loving every minute of it!  We call this beautiful place: Success Island.

Interviewer: So, Lisa, Ray tells me you were the one that actually brought the Network Marketing industry into your home.  What was it that took you in that direction?

Lisa: It was 2004, and despite everything still looking good economically, Ray sensed that something about that was changing.  I wanted a way to become a stay-at- home Mom, because day care was NOT an option!  I had no business experience at all, yet I was going for it anyway.  Working a home business seemed like my best option.  Ray was still working full- time as a machinist, and making decent money.    Ray was pretty skeptical about the whole home business industry, because he was more into the traditional brick-and-mortar type of business.

Interviewer: Ok, Ray, at this time you had one child here, and another on the way. Both of you really wanted Lisa home with them.  Lisa liked the Network Marketing industry, as it presented a great way for the average person to get into a business, with a real possibility to create something special. What made you skeptical?

Ray: Our first couple of attempts to work from home failed miserably! We were scammed, frankly: never got paid for things we had done; misled; lied to; you name it. Past experience, is the answer to your question.

Interviewer: Lisa, do you remember what it was that changed his mind?

Lisa: Yes. It was our third attempt.  This time we got it rolling, and actually started cashing checks; nothing to brag about, but we were getting paid.

Interviewer: Then, Ray liked your third business.

Ray: Not initially.  I wasn’t sold on this deal at first, either. It was after I went to a local meeting, or I should say, after Lisa more or less twisted my arm into going, that the light-bulb finally came on for me.

The third try did show some promise, but eventually it seemed like we were just spinning our wheels.  We were unable to get any real, steady income.  It didn’t seem like the right vehicle to enable us to reach the level of success Lisa and I wanted, after going at it for a few years.

Interviewer: What triggered you to think you were with the wrong company?

Lisa: We decided to go all out this particular month.  Feed the kids, and let everything else go.  We wanted to see how many new affiliates we could recruit in thirty days.

Ray: We worked tenaciously for thirty days and recruited fifty two people in thirty days.

Lisa: It was a great run!  We knew we hit it hard.

Ray: Yet when the check came for all that work it was only $750.

Lisa: We were not getting any duplication. Ray and I were becoming good recruiters. We made Top-Ten in recruiting a few times, and were even honored on-stage, at a convention. Unfortunately, there were only a couple of people on our team that were getting anywhere. And it seemed as if they were spending more to build their businesses, than they were making.

Interviewer: What do you attribute that to?

Ray: Several things: the company; the people we were recruiting; and us. Looking back at it now, the company’s compensation plan wasn’t really designed to build wealth. Most of the people that were coming into business with us at that time were not willing to do what was necessary to make money. You can lead, but they need to follow. The biggest problem on the Team side was us! As much as Lisa and I wanted to be great leaders, coaches and mentors, we weren’t, back then. We simply had not built up enough internal value, knowledge or experience yet.

Interviewer: Then, what was your next step?

Lisa: Get some training; acquire some knowledge; and make sure, this time, that we got in the right company. Sometimes you have to start over, even when it is something you do not want to do. We were looking for a long-term answer – not a quick fix. So, for Christmas that year, I bought Ray a ticket to a five-day business incentive, by T. Harv Eker, hoping he could learn what we should be looking for.

Interviewer: What was the outcome?

Ray: This time, my gut feeling was right. As I learned what you want to see in a business model that is designed to create wealth, it was blatantly obvious, we were in the wrong vehicle to succeed.  This was a very hard lesson to learn, because, as Lisa said, we really did not want to have to start over again – especially having spent three years of our lives working on this business.

Interviewer: Doesn’t sound like it was a fun trip – at least certainly not a fun outcome. What happened next?

Lisa: The convention was in Orlando, Florida. We still lived in Michigan at the time, so we went home and started looking for a company that fit what Ray learned.

Ray: And now it was 2008.  The tide was starting to turn in the auto industry. Lisa was in a completely different field, yet when you live in Michigan, everything is tied to the success or failure of the big three.  We both knew our careers were on life-support, and had to move in a different direction – fast.

Interviewer: The big three?

Ray: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

Interviewer:  Tell me about the search for a new company.  Or were you starting to head back into a brick-and-mortar type of company?

Ray: We were going to stay in Network Marketing.  Lisa never liked the traditional business model.  She wanted us married to each other, not to a business.  By this time, I had been won over by the Networking industry as well.  I had done a lot of searching, found a few that fit the business model I had learned, but nothing that really jumped out and said “Pick me!” Lisa ended up finding it, by a double accident.

Interviewer: A double accident?

Lisa: Our oldest daughter was in Karate. I was talking to another parent there.  We used to talk about different personal development courses and inspirational speakers.  He told me he had just got involved with a top-tier Network Marketing company, and that their products were all geared toward personal development training.  Ray and I were both really big into education and growth, and I took it home to look at.  Something just wasn’t working for me, with the Team he was on though.

Ray: So I started checking into it as the idea of getting involved with a personal development company had us both excited.  It was a pleasant surprise to find that this company really fit everything, in regard to the business model we were looking for.  We both really loved the products. The problem was, the more I looked into it, something about the company didn’t feel right for me either.  I mean, it was just one of those intuitions that said, “Don’t do it.”

Lisa: And it is a good thing we both felt the same way, and passed on it, because the company ended up going under about two years later.

Interviewer: I’m not getting the double accident though.

Ray: Lisa bumping into the guy at Karate was the first one.  The second one was more fate than an accident.  Lisa was on the phone with a good friend of ours, telling her we were a very disappointed about having to pass on this. The business model was perfect, and the product line was right up our alley.

Lisa: When I explained it to her, she told me she had a friend from the last company we were in together, that was in a business that sounded just like it.  So I had her set up a call with us.  It went great!  Everything was even better with this company – especially the feel we got from it.

Interviewer: Then, is it fair to say this was the final stop for the two of you?

Lisa: No, it was not.

Interviewer: What happened?

Ray: It started off good and ended up getting even better.  It took awhile to get our feet on the ground, but once we did, it was all good.  We had our first ever four-figure day, backed it up with back-to-back, multiple five-figure months, and it was off to the races!  We were unanimously voted onto their Leadership Team, and started doing company calls and international training.  I mean – really, something special had happened for us!

Lisa: The events and products were amazing, and even our children were growing because of them.  The people in the company were fabulous!  Some, still to this day, are our closest friends.  Then the economy really started to get bad. People didn’t have the capital to start in a high-end business.

Ray: The company also started to take on a much different feel as well. By now, the other company Lisa found first was gone, and many of their reps were migrating over.  It started to get the same bad feeling for us. Many of the people I was working with in leadership left, as well as other close friends.  We tried adding a couple of less expensive MLM’s to compensate for the economy but they never took off.

Lisa: And again, we were not getting good duplication.  A few of our associates were making money, but the majority were not.

Ray: And by now, we had the skills and the leadership ability.  Like Lisa said, the economy was taking its toll on our Team and the company.

Interviewer: Now, what was the next move?

Lisa: About the time we moved to Florida, a friend introduced us to an up-and-coming new company.  It was advertising-based, and you could actually make a really good income here, without having to recruit and build a team.

Ray: Yet, for people like us that could recruit, you stood to make a tremendous income here.  It was really built for anyone that wanted to build a home based business.

Interviewer: Now, where has this company taken you?

Lisa: Exactly where we wanted to be.  Goal #4 has been met!  We are changing lives for the better, every day.  Ray has really been bringing on some great people, with his work on YouTube.  And everything is going great, all the way around.

Ray: I believe the industry average is that, less than 10% of reps  ever make a profit, industry-wide.  Here, over 80% of our affiliates are making a profit!