Can you imagine what an AMAZING benefit it would be If you could get GET PAID TO SHOP?

So what is the cost, and whats the catch?

Fair questions, we get them all the time. Let’s get that out of the way now. We will start with the cost… IT”S FREE!

No start up fee.
No annual fee’s.
No monthly fee’s.
You get the picture.
So what’s the catch?

You “Get Paid To Shop” at our merchants.

With 500 chain stores and over 150,000 points of acceptance around the world. There are plenty of places where you can get the cash!

Or to have your shopping paid for in advance!

I don’t mean paying for it out of your pocket, you’ve already got that deal. This way you’ll be earning cash rewards by purchasing the items
you already buy anyway, then using those rewards to pay for your next purchase, or simply have that cash direct deposited into your checking account.

  • You will only buy things you already buy.
  • So you will not spend money you aren’t already spending.
  • You will not be buying things you don’t need.
  • No mystery shopping .

No coupon clipping.
and you’ll never have to fill out a survey.


Are you ready to hear something really crazy?

If you decide to bring a few friends in who also shop in our network. You get paid 1/2% on all of their purchases also. That can add up to some serious cash!

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